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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I really receive the full program for FREE?

YES. No strings attached! You can now enroll in the FULL comprehensive program and get access to our private TIA community at no cost with no hidden fees.

Who is TIA for?

TIA was created for individuals that want to effectively grow their audience and brand online.

Whether you’re a total beginner, at a plateau in your digital growth, or looking to up-level your existing business, TIA is for you.

How old do I need to be to take this program? Do I need to have a certain level of schooling beforehand?

There are no age limitations to enroll in TIA. Our courses are designed for students of all ages. No pre-requisites of schooling required!

Who created the program?

TIA is based on a trusted community of top educators with PhDs, leading market researchers, and the most successful self-made Influencers supporting the program.

You can trust us to deliver quality content and teach you the required tools that will help you achieve your goals of building an engaged audience online.

How long will it take for me to complete this program?

Full time, our program will take about 1 month to complete.

Part-time, our program takes about 3 months to complete (about one semester).

How long will I have access?

By enrolling in TIA, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the content.

This includes having access to any changes our curriculum developers may make in the future as the social media  industry changes and evolves. Which leads us to the next question…

Isn’t social media space too saturated?

The rise of social media isn’t going anywhere. It’s only growing – and at a fast pace! Many experts predict that social media is ’just getting started’ with a long road ahead.

The longer you wait on taking the first move in this rapidly evolving industry… the more saturated it becomes. In 5 years there will be a whole new set of social media experts dominating the industry, will you be one of them?

What if a new social media platform takes over and changes the social media game? What if this Industry drastically changes? Is TIA’s program still valuable?

Oh yes! You bet we thought of that. Social media as a career and business tool has been steadily evolving year to year since the beginning of its time. We promise our students that we’ll keep the curriculum content up-to-date, as our market researchers and course developers conduct a quarterly review of the current state of the digital marketing industry and predictions of where it’s headed.

Our board will decide what stays and what goes, and notify our students of the changes when doing so. We’ve got your back. It’s our mission to give you all of the tools & resources you need to succeed.

Why should I take TIA if all current social media experts did it all by themselves?

Great question. At TIA we believe in utilizing your time as your most precious resource. What if we told you that enrolling in TIA will save you years of trying to figure it all out on your own?

Our coursework is designed to make it simple and as fool-proof as possible for you. This, in turn, will save you time, energy and money in the long-run.

What happens when I graduate from TIA?

TIA graduates join our private community of fellow Alumni Social Media Experts. Our motivational community supports one another in the growth, challenges and successes that come with the digital marketing industry.

We believe that to succeed as a social media expert, you must surround yourself with like-minded, driven experts to collaborate with & help you rise. You will also receive a certificate.

What’s the coursework like?

We believe in practical action-focused learning, so that our students feel confident and prepared to make moves building their business right away.

TIA’s results-driven coursework is innovative and provides students with customizable templates, interactive quizzes, and a real-world approach to creating lasting success in social media.

I live outside of the US, can I still participate in the program?

Yes! All TIA course content is in English and available to everyone across the world for FREE.

Why should I enroll?

Enrolling in TIA gives you a competitive edge, as you’re taking your future into your own hands and not relying on anyone else to make it happen.

That’s the beauty of being your own boss and learning from a program that you can do from anywhere in the world.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?