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The Influencer Academy Professional Program Overview

TIA Pro is our original 45 hour program that offers the full step-by-step blueprint to build your following online. Included are 15 interactive modules, 90+ coaching videos from professional influencers, countless worksheets and templates.

  • Full 3-course program created by influencers, business strategists & leading market researchers
  • 90+ exclusive videos from real top-earning influencers
  • Countless templates, worksheets, and checklists
  • Access to TIA’s private networking community
  • Lifetime access to all quarterly-reviewed course materials

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Key Features

Proven Blueprint:

TIA Pro curriculum was developed by PhDs, leading market researchers and successful influencer experts to help you remove the guesswork and learn how to maximize your time and return.

Collaborative & Motivational Community:

Gain access to TIA’s private networking community and connect with others that are looking to collaborate. Stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals by becoming part of this exclusive community.

Learn From Anywhere, Anytime

TIA Pro is accessible online – via your desktop or mobile device – so you can learn from anywhere and at your own pace, without any time restrictions.

“My engagement has skyrocketed. I’ve found they (TIA) gave me the confidence to reach out to the brands that I wanted to be working with and I just can’t wait to see where this will take me. So, THANK YOU TIA for all of your help!”

Caroline , (@naturallycaroline)

Why choose The Influencer Academy(TIA)?

TIA Starter
Other Online Programs
Receive instructional videos, templates and worksheets
Endorsed by a team of top influencers
Connect and collaborate with other students
Lifetime access and regularly updated material
College level curriculum created by PhD.'s and global brand strategists
45+ hours of coursework
Learn the basics of growing an online audience
Learn at your own pace from anywhere

Ready to begin your journey with a TIA?

Program Syllabus for The Influencer Academy Professional Program

Course 1: Understanding and Building a Presence

This course explores the foundations of Social Media Marketing and fundamental theories that help you strengthen your message and how to reach your audience. It looks closely at brand dynamics, the Four C’s, and ultimately defining your brand purpose and brand statement as you consider ways to leverage best practices in order to build a following.

Module 1 - Examines the foundations of social media presence and what has historically impacted this rapidly growing industry. Also offers an introduction to monetizing your content.

Module 2 - Builds off foundational concepts exploring varying definitions of social media presence, the art of persuasion, common communication models and different types, or categories of social media experts in today’s profession. Looks at 3 proven blueprints to best develop your powerful brand.

Module 3 - Digs into developing your brand and looks at things like brand positioning, brand purpose, brand values and brand narrative.

Module 4 - Strengthens your understanding of consumers and looks at how audiences are influenced by brand and what it means to develop audience personas. Helps you identify what kind of social media expert you are and how to create a strategic plan around your strengths.

Module 5 - Explores types of media including owned media and earned media strategies. Helps you understand how to strengthen your collaborations, exponentially build your following, become a social media expert and create longevity with your influence.

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Course 2: Turning Your Social Media Brand into a Business

This course focuses on brand development and explores topics that are essential to your message, audience and business goals such as developing your creative platform, logo, media kit, and brand partnerships. It also explores important topics related to trust, credibility, legal regulations and the Federal Trade Commission.

Module 1 - Examines topics such as mood boards, photography style, and logo development. Also looks closely at the visual identity system and components of color, font and graphic elements.

Module 2 - Looks at how to develop impactful promotional content and capitalize on going viral. Understand how brand influences stimulus and buyer behavior.

Module 3 - Explores monetization and brand partnerships with a focus on collaborations, agencies, and the importance of developing your media kit.

Module 4 - Helps you understand key legalities that are essential to owning and operating a compliant, ethical brand and business as a social media expert. Looks at elements of the regulatory landscape, the Advertising Standards Authority and the FTC.

Module 5 - Examines the importance of trust in social media and how operating with transparency and accountability can ensure that you grow a strong audience, brand and business.

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Course 3: Influencer Entrepreneurship

This course helps your strengthen your fundamental understanding of social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Explore essential business tools and templates, sales strategies that will poise you for success, and opportunities to thin outside the box as an innovative and enterprising social media expert.

Module 1 - Looks at the mindset, skill set and toolsets that make entrepreneurship possible and that separate the good from the great.

Module 2 - Focuses on brand architecture, equity, brand lifecycles and how to begin expanding into new markets. Also looks at some of the nuts and bolts of operating a growing business including, essential apps and software, admin operations, and approaching investors.

Module 3 - Looks at how to scale your business, as it dives deeper into outreach and sales strategies such as storytelling and the art of negotiation.

Module 4 - Focuses on how to tap into your creativity, cultivate your inner confidence, get out of your comfort zone and understand motivation tactics.

Module 5 - Reviews your step-by-step blueprint for success and looks at key learning outcomes and essential social media takeaways.

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